About Us

Around 422 million people have diabetes worldwide and around 1.5 million deaths are directly linked to diabetes. And the numbers are steadily increasing every day affecting both the young and the old.


We’re a lot like you, a team of individuals who’ve been through personal ordeals of being diabetic. Our yearning to beat diabetes permanently led us on a journey to find a solution to reverse diabetes. In pursuit of understanding the science of reversing diabetes, we devised a triangular approach to address diabetes from the root, eradicating it completely by using holistic solutions.

Why did we start The Diabetes Academy?

Information on the internet is vast, overwhelming, and sometimes misleading creating a bigger problem to understand diabetes and hence we created a one-stop solution where our goal is to share knowledge on diabetes, bust myths & misinformation, and navigate people to make the right informed choices and decisions.


The Diabetes Academy aims to explore the complex world of ‘what truly is diabetes?’ The idea is to help people to understand the enemy better, enabling them with ideas and tools to defeat Diabetes and partner with them to actually conquer their diabetes with a deep scientific approach.


Our vision is to explore diabetes better by providing answers to all your questions, invoking curiosity, and helping you to make the right decision based on deep science.