Diabetes Diagnosis – Tests to detect and predict diabetes

June 15th, 2022

Diabetes cannot happen overnight. It takes a while and even a couple of decades to show its impacts. It is a lifestyle condition that occurs when we follow a unhealthy lifestyle.

It is a condition due to insulin resistance in the body. A combination of factors, along with an unhealthy diet, contributes to Insulin Resistance. Obesity, aging, genetics, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, the burden of everyday stress, and even missing out on sleep are a few to mention.

The easier way to predict if you are at risk for diabetes is by testing for fasting insulin, despite the fact that this testing is never prescribed.

The HOMA-IR diagnostics is yet another test that can easily determine if you are on the path to developing diabetes, this test was designed to measure the levels of insulin resistance, even if the sugar content in your blood is within acceptable levels, the test picks up and hints that there is a possibility that your blood sugar might spike in the future, going a step further than a normal blood sugar test.

Besides this, there are several other markers that have been introduced while testing for diabetes, the TyG index (Triglyceride-Glucose), FLI (Fatty Liver Index), and TG/HDL (Triglyceride-HDL), are indicators that are extremely important in assessing metabolic disorders, triglyceride levels, fasting blood glucose, and body mass index. These indicators are also potentially useful in the early identification of individuals at high risk of developing diabetes.

There is a ray of hope for all people with diabetes. Diabetes can be reversed! Make the right choice to improve and maintain your health. With the right lifestyle interventions like a diet balanced in macro and micronutrients, improved physical activity, sleep management, and circadian rhythm alignment, it is never too late to reverse health conditions caused by Insulin Resistance.

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