Understand Nutrition for Diabetes

November 23rd, 2021

The food and nutrition series of the Diabetes Academy will help you navigate the confusing world of nutrition so that you can make the right decision in preventing or managing diabetes.

We have always been told, that 70% of our journey to fix health is about eating right and taking care of your nutrition, and it is even more important in the case of managing diabetes. Nutrition for diabetes always includes healthy meal plan that’s naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. But how can we keep up with it if we don’t understand it enough?

With the increase in the research and understanding in the field of nutrition, we know far more than we used to. As every human body is built differently it tends to react differently to various foods and nutrient-rich products. So, while deciding on a diet and especially for a diabetic person, it is very important to compare various variables. And while doing so we come across a lot of questions, advice, opinions, and what not.

For instance, one of the most rendering questions around nutrition is should we give up carbs? Or shift from rice to wheat. How important is a protein-rich diet for a diabetic? Are the self-claimed “heart-healthy” refined oils actually making any difference or just making it worse? Nowadays many people have been talking about how one needs to keep track of GI and everything one eats. But is it necessary and what exactly is GI? Why is everyone talking about gluten-free and vegan, is that relevant to you as a diabetic?

With so many questions, so much information flooding in it can be quite overwhelming at times. And therefore, we are here with our Food and Nutrition series of the Diabetes Academy. In this series together we will explore the confusing world of nutrition. We will understand the science behind the food choices we make on an everyday basis. Discover what is good for our bodies based on the latest research and scientific evidence. We will help you navigate through all the terms like organic, free-range, gluten-free, vegan, etc by explaining their meaning and their implications to our bodies. This will help you in making an informed and right decision of choosing your diet for preventing or managing diabetes.

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