Are millets good for Diabetes Management?

January 6th, 2022

Millets may not be your answer to cure diabetes. If you are diabetic and if millet is part of your diet, then you may be accelerating your diabetes, making it worse overtime. 

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Why specifically millets?  

Since diabetes affects the blood sugar level, there is a belief that people with diabetes can’t eat sugar or carbohydrates. Diabetes is a condition where your body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t use it efficiently. As a result, your body is not able to properly process food into energy. And this can lead to an increase in blood glucose level, or it can even be worse if left untreated. Hence, to manage diabetes people look for food alternatives that can help them in managing diabetes. But without any proper research, people with diabetes avoid consuming certain food and opt for switching from rice to millets, hoping this would help them in managing diabetes. 


Are millets a wrong choice?  

Yes, millets do have high fiber and some protein. But while dealing with diabetes it’s not only about blood glucose control. You also need to understand what it does to our body from the inside, especially how it affects Insulin Resistance. By taking a look at their nutritional value, we were able to understand what millets do in diabetes management. We compared white rice, wheat flour, and millets – the glycemic index for all three is almost the same with a slight difference. 

So, with this information what we realize is that millets can actually harm  if one is a diabetic.   

While we don’t like to break the hearts of millets lovers but the reality is millet is not the ultimate cure for diabetes. If you are diabetic and if millet is part of your diet, then it is not too different from white rice. Including millets in your diet as a cure for diabetes may not really be helping, by understanding the nutritional balance and the right intake of macro and micro nutrients will help reverse diabetes 

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