Diabetic friendly product reviews | Do they really help manage Diabetes?

November 23rd, 2021

The Diabetes Academy product review series will help you choose the right Diabetes product in preventing or managing diabetes based on deep science and research.

The number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes is rapidly increasing globally and it’s no surprise that companies, although with good intent are churning out many diabetes products focused on the diabetic segment. With claims that the product aims to help people in managing their diabetes.

However, not many dive into deep research while creating these products. The companies are not fully aware of the science behind lifestyle disease and therefore, the products coming out may or may not be of much help for diabetics.


Now with all the overwhelming information flooding in via the internet, it gets difficult to decide which product is helpful and which is not. For instance, millets have become a magical cure for diabetes today, but does it really help? It is understood that high protein is supposed to help with diabetes and hence, many people opt for high-protein supplements. But are they really working? Making their magic work, or are they causing any unintended harm?


Today even CGM devices have gained a lot of attention. The glucose monitoring device is said to help you manage your diabetes. But are they really useful and does using them mean one can reverse their Diabetes?  We come across ads like, “sugar-free”, “organic”, and “whole foods only”, but are any of these juices, chocolate bars – do they really help in managing diabetes?

Well, you may believe you know the answer but do you? You might want to know the underlying truth about these products in the market. Therefore we are here with our product review series where we will review all these products for you with our science-driven framework. We will break down each of these diabetes products so that you can understand it better and make the right decision in defeating diabetes.

Every product will be independently rated on a Prevent Score, a Manage Score, and a Reverse Score to help you make the right choice. We will also cover dimensions such as “value for money”, “availability”, “quality”, “comparisons” with similar products. We will help you understand the products better, differentiate between what’s right and wrong for you and most importantly help you in making right and informed choices in preventing and managing your diabetes.

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