Does Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) reverse your diabetes?

November 30th, 2021

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a device that measures the blood sugar of people with diabetes. It is a tool that gives us insights that help in our diabetes management or diabetes reversal.

The number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes is increasing rapidly. And so is the number of companies building solutions around it. Nowadays the Continuous Glucose Monitoring device is getting a lot of popularity. Many companies have been marketing it by saying it helps to cure or reverse diabetes. But does it really help? How exactly does it work? And most importantly what is CGM?

What is CGM?

Let us break it down for you. Continuous Glucose Monitoring is a device that is used by diabetic people to measure their blood sugar levels. It consists of a sensor, an electrode that is underneath your skin, and uses an algorithm to estimate the glucose levels in the fluid of your body’s cell by passing an electric current which varies basis the amount of glucose that is there. There is a transmitter that sends out the readings at regular intervals of a few minutes to a receiver. This data can then be analyzed to see the trends in your glucose levels that vary according to your actions. It helps you evaluate the impact of what you ate, your workout and etc on your blood sugar levels.

Can CGM reverse your diabetes?

No, obviously a Continuous Glucose Monitoring does no such thing as reversing diabetes. We wish it were that easy. CGM is just a tool that helps people to monitor their blood sugar levels and its usefulness totally depends on how a person uses the data it generates. Using CGM is not going to magically cure or reverse your diabetes, it will just help you measure and understand your body’s glucose response and trends. As diabetes is more about the hormone insulin and how effectively it’s going about doing its job. High Glucose is only a lagging indicator that tells us that our insulin is not effective. In that sense, for prediabetics or mid to early-stage diabetics, the CGM is not really helpful. Because if you are not careful you might get a false sense of comfort since you see glucose levels being in a good range.

At what stage is Continuous Glucose Monitoring useful?

If you are a data geek and have the money, then it is just a cool device to play around with. Functionally speaking it is only useful in two scenarios.

1. Your blood glucose levels swing quite a bit, and you are on Insulin.

2. You want to make lifestyle changes and want data to help you figure out the impact of various choices on your blood glucose levels.

If any of these conditions are true to you then CGM is something for you to use or try. While buying it one should keep in mind to check the quality of these devices and especially buy it from a reputed brand. Also, please do note that you might need to calibrate the device with measurements from your glucometer for the results to be credible and useful. And to summarize what we said above. Using CGM will not reverse your diabetes. To reverse it you must make the right lifestyle changes. Continuous Glucose Monitoring is just a useful tool to navigate you to the right path through its data insights.

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