What causes Insulin Resistance?

December 13th, 2021

Insulin Resistance is directly linked to our lifestyle habits that put us at risk of developing diabetes.

Causes of Insulin ResistanceInsulin ResistanceInsulin Sensitivity

A combination of factors, along with an unhealthy diet, cause Insulin Resistance. Obesity, aging, genetics, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, the burden of everyday stress, and even missing out on sleep are a few to mention. 

Insulin Resistance cannot happen overnight. It takes a while and even a couple of decades to show its impacts. As we  repeatedly abuse the body by opting for unhealthy lifestyle practices like, diets rich in processed carbs, lack of physical activity, ever-increasing stress both personal and professional, and, more importantly, losing quality sleep. All these choices put us at risk of Insulin Resistance (IR).  

We don’t realize IR setting in unless a few noticeable symptoms like general lethargy and weight gain are observed. Since these signs are subtle, we generally disregard the symptoms attributing it to aging or something of no importance or concern. 

As we continue to abuse the body, the following changes are observed, which indicate that our body is giving warning signs of falling into the trap of Insulin Resistance – 

  • Accumulation of visceral fat (deposition of fat around the internal organs) inhibits the organs from efficiently carrying out their functions.
  • A slight bulge in the belly- often gets ignored.
  • Frequent fatigue – getting tired even when completing simple tasks.
  • Insulin also induces fat deposition in the body. When Insulin Resistance sets in, the excess insulin leads to increased fat deposition around internal organs, especially around the belly.
  • Excess glucose in blood starts to hamper the functions of hemoglobin, leading to damaged inner walls of the arteries. This causes inflammation and may even lead to heart-related disorders if left unattended. 
  • As the damage goes beyond the body’s ability to manage symptoms such as malaise, fatigue, increasing waist size, decreased memory function, and unexplained weight gain get manifested.

Always be cognizant of your actions and make the right choice to improve and maintain your health. 

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