The Diabetes Academy – A learning platform to know and beat diabetes

November 16th, 2021

The Diabetes Academy is a one-stop solution to know everything about diabetes. Understand diabetes with ease through explainer videos covering various topics backed by deep root science.

Diabetes is a deadly epidemic affecting more people than any other serious disease both young and old. Although medications do help in managing the symptoms, the underlying root cause of diabetes remains unaddressed. With The Diabetes Academy you will explore the complex world of ‘what is diabetes?’, all your questions and confusions answered with ease through informational videos.

We are made to believe that once diagnosed, there is no turning back and popping pills to treat diabetes is the norm. We turn to information available on the internet and the results are always vast, overwhelming, and sometimes misleading, creating a bigger problem to understand diabetes. The Diabetes Academy is a one-stop solution and our goal here is to share knowledge, navigate people through a maze of confusion, myths & misinformation and help them make the right informed choices.

By covering various topics that answer all your questions based on proven research, we are to help people understand the enemy better and enable them with ideas and tools to reverse Diabetes. Giving a stronger reason to believe that diabetes is reversible.

The Diabetes Academy will mainly revolve around understanding:
  • How to learn more about Diabetes and figure out what the disease actually is?
  • What is a myth and what is actually a helpful tip?
  • Are any of the so-called miracle cures worth pursuing?
  • Of all products claiming to be diabetic-friendly, what products actually help, and what ends up making the problem worse and are best avoided?
  • Will walking help or should I run or lift weights instead or maybe yoga is better?
  • Is Diabetes really reversible, can I actually get off medicine and eat normally?

The Diabetes Academy will help you understand what truly is diabetes by providing answers to all your questions, invoking curiosity, and helping you to make the right decision based on deep science.